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Holiday Reading Homework

HolidayRecently I wrote about Honesty Journals.  Honesty Journals are when students reflect openly about whether or not they did their nightly reading, and why.  I’ve been doing a great job with my reading, and finished two books this week, but honestly that’s not always the case.  Sometimes, I just want to watch the entire first season of Homeland over the weekend, you know?

Australia is going on holiday this Friday, and in the United States many kids and teachers are already enjoying some well deserved time off.  Do you give homework for the holiday?  Historically, I gave out a Book Log that not only recorded nightly reading, but also spiraled previously taught reading strategies.  (The book log I attached is for our students at Parkville College, who are incarcerated hence why “youth officers” sign off on their reading.)  Now, I’m thinking about also integrating the honesty journal.  What I want is kids who are working hard toward completing their goals, in the ways that best suit them because that is so much more authentic.

What do you give for holiday homework?

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