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Student questions

I’m working on pushing my students to realize why the questions they ask help them become better readers.  Here are some of the questions that my fifth grade students asked about Bud Not Buddy, and the corresponding reasons why they felt their questions helped them gain new insights:

1.  How does Bud feel about being homeless and being a foster child?  It connected to what the book is about.

2. Why does Bud keep trying to find his father?  It helps me understand why Bud goes through so many troubles and obstacles.

3.  Is Bud going to be with Mr. Lewis for the whole trip? To determine what will happen and to see if Mr. Lewis will be a major character.

4.  Why does Bud still want to go to Grand Rapids if he has someone already? It deepens my understanding because maybe at the end of the book he might see his father.

5.  How does Bud feel about sharing his personal information with a stranger after he really realizes what he has done? I get to know more about Bud and how he feels when he does something wrong.

6.  What sickness did Bud’s mom die from? It deepens our understanding because we know a little bit about why Bud’s father left.

You can see that we still need to build the reason why it deepens their understandings.  They are great at asking questions, but not great yet at accessing why they are doing the metacognitive strategies that they do.

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