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Maddie Witter

Creative Thinking

Are You a Paperclip or a Balloon?  Do you like things organized and logical, or would you prefer to be a free-thinker?  Pushing the balloon in all of us is critical in fostering deep thinking in your classroom.  Here are a few ways you can integrate creative thinking.  If they take away too much from your routines, think about ways you can incorporate creative thinking in do nows or homeworks.

Making Metaphors: Ask students to connect what they know about the world to what they don’t know.  For instance, how is today’s could today’s lesson on rereading be like eating a cookie?  Or, give students a bag of random objects.  Ask them to make metaphors between characters or events in their books and the different objects.

Resources to Check Out:

One comment on “Creative Thinking

  1. Mark Pennington
    December 31, 2009

    Wonderful exercises. A basic understanding of logic is necessary to be able to read critically and write with coherence. Good critical thinking follows rules of logic to observe, interpret, apply, and revise ideas or problems. Check out these rules of logic and a great list with examples of fallacious reasoning:

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