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Vocabulary Games

Many people recommend to do as many interactive games as possible when teaching vocab. Have you read Vocabulary Games for the Classroom by Marzano and Carleton?

What games or activities do you do?

Next week school starts as will my SETSS class (which is a resource room for about 10 kids).  We will be doing daily vocabulary games.  Here is my plan for next week in 7th grade:

Day 1: Present words.  Turn and talk: which were the most difficult?

(The word list is from their reading, math, science, history and band classes.  I will be choosing about 20 of those words which they were exposed to this summer).

Day 2: Cheat Sheet.  In partnerships, students create a cheat sheet for their words.  They may use up to 5 words or symbols per word.  They may use their sheet during games for the week.

Day 3: Memory Concentration.  Each partnership will have a concentration game.  Winners get healthy snack!

Day 4: Team relay race.  Partnerships do relay race with words.  Winning team gets prize.  What prize should they get?

Day 5: Re-assess words.  Note: They were assessed on these words in July.

Please share what other games you use for vocabulary!

4 comments on “Vocabulary Games

  1. Katie
    August 28, 2009

    I’ve had my students play pictionary & charades with vocabulary words before, which they enjoyed.

    I’ve also used “board races” which are fun in the right space– I read the definition/description of a word, and students race to erase the correct word on the board.

    Marzano’s “Connect 2” activity can also really help students to clarify nuanced meanings of words.

  2. Lelac
    August 29, 2009

    When I used to push kids on mastering vocabulary words, our favorite games were always Vocabulary Charades, Vocabulary Pictionary, and especially ESPECIALLY Vocabulary Taboo. (We used our existing vocabulary cards with definitions on them as our taboo cards, so kids were forced to think of examples, give sentences, etc.) However, I’ve kinda moved away from giving memory-based vocabulary quizzes in recent years, tending instead toward studying a larger number of words and following up with repeated exposure. I go back and forth on this every couple years. (:

  3. Lelac
    August 29, 2009

    PS We eventually invented a variation on Vocabulary Pictionary/Charades called Four Corners that gets more of the kids involved in each turn. It’s a little complicated and silly but let me know if you want it. (:

  4. Maddie
    October 9, 2009

    Please share four corners!

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