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Partner Books are the Best!

This week we re-did all of our lessons using partner books.  I’m still in the progress of grading their tests, but I can say a few quick take-aways

1.  Kids crave talk.  I personally feel that partner books are more managable and allow everyone to speak- I know that Donna Santman would say book clubs 🙂  I personally find the latter harder to manage, but I know she’s getting back to us with some great resources for book club management

2.  The kids definitely use the time as best as they can: a quick clarifying whisper, pushing their partner to read even more pages, and a long chat about how to take it to the next level.

3.  We rushed it.  Because our kids are going to California on Monday, and we had 3 state tests this week, we only had 3 days for reading class.  3 days is not enough time for partner books.  My gut tells me 5 days of class and 1 day for an assessment.  That way, students who chose shorter books can grab a new one and feel that success, while students who chose Eragon can still finish it and not feel like they didn’t fulfill the task.

4.  This week the kids are in California and I’m staying behind with students who didn’ t earn it.  What I’m going to be doing with those 12 students next week is another round of partner books, but my personal investigation will be how to scaffold the talk time.

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