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Choosing Vocabulary Words

Today was such a great day because Donna Santman came to our school!

I wanted to share one of her bite sized suggestions.

At KIPP Infinity, we choose about 3-4 vocabulary words per week (per subject) as inspired by Marzano’s book Building Background Knowledge.  Typically, we shuffle between choosing great words from shared readings, academic vocabulary and words that share similar morphemes.

Santman suggested that when choosing academic language, we should choose from the lesson itself.  For example, today in 8th grade we taught a lesson on questioning gender from the perspective of today’s society, historical context, author, protagonist, etc.  She suggested that for the week’s words we could choose words such as chauvinism and derogatory.

When launching a partner unit you could choose words such as collaborate or probe.

I love that idea, and can’t wait to use it!

One comment on “Choosing Vocabulary Words

  1. Genesis
    April 23, 2009

    “Patience” is the key for English!
    Good luck.. And thank you for this useful writing..

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