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Strategies for Building Content Vocabulary

Do you have students who struggle memorizing academic vocabulary?  Do they switch meanings or struggle with multi-syllabic spelling?

Read-on for some fun, pull-out games you can play to ensure that your students master those tricky words.


1.  Make flashcards with a picture on one side and the word on the other (students make)  :  Put six cards down.  Student closes eyes.  Take one away.  Which one is missing?  If the cards are picture up, they must resond with the word.  Symbiosis is missing.
2.  With the flashcards play Go Fish.  Does anyone have Symbiosis?  (if a student does, then they must respond with its definition)
3.  Fishing game:  On a table have the definitions.  Each student gets a string with sticky tape on the bottom.  Each time they get a card, they have to fling the string in order to hit the definition.  Wacky but fun.
In order to memorize the spelling, here’s a great trick that works for kids with processing delays.
Have them write the word on ten different surfaces including: the air, their jeans, the rug, etc.  Once they’ve written it on ten different surfaces, for many it sticks.

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