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Great Literacy Website

This photo is from Karen’s page Like to Read

I was searching for information on partner reading today, and I came across a great literacy website:

Listen to what Karen says about her own path to “liking to read”

When the first edition came out in 1997, the book changed my mind about teaching reading comprehension. Up until that point, I assigned reading. I admit it. I did. I thought reading was about quizzing children about the book. I took one reading course in college and to be perfectly honest, I don’t know what it was about.

When I arrived at my first teaching job, my principal handed me a basal series and told me to team-teach reading with the man next door. We had to divide the children into 4 groups: high, mid high, middle and low. He would teach the high and middle. I would teach the mid high and low…to be sure we differentiated, they said. I knew nothing about metacognition…or differentiation, for that matter.

Now, years later, after reading Mosaic of Thought, I clearly got it! Authors Keene and Zimmermann helped me figure out what strategies I used to unlock meaning by putting me in the role of a reader of challenging text. The passage at the opening of each chapter forced me to analyze how I was reading (even though, if you’re like me, you skipped some passages because we’re just not used to reading such hard texts). Still, I learned. I started going down a very different path, one that made my students and me happier, less stressed and with less lesson planning and busy work.


The site is broken down into different categories including

  • fix it up! (my personal favorite reading strategy)
  • coding
  • retell
  • synthesize
  • partner read
  • guided reading
  • reciprocal teaching
  • assessments

And a lot more!  You should check out this site AND it looks like Karen does professional development.  Lots of teachers ask me how to start doing whole school change.  Well, it sometimes can start with a speaker helping with a reading mind shift.

Don’t teach the book- teach the reader.  Thanks Karen, and keep reading!

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