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Celebrating Reading Growth

Recently we’ve been chatting about new Fountas and Pinnell reading levels.¬† It’s so cool to hear that kids across the network and tri-state area are moving up! ūüôā

Here are some great things that I’ve heard from school leaders that teachers are doing to celebrate their reading achievement!

1.  Create a bar graph that shows the growth of each individual student and display it in a central location.

2.  During a longer assembly or town meeting, reading teachers assess students.  As they get their new reading levels, their progress is announced over the microphone.

3.  Assess students in a central location- such as the hallway- all day.  Each time a student moves up, create a cute certificate and post it on the wall.  As kids move to class, they will want to see what all of the buzz is about.

4.  Have you seen the thermometer graph used for fundraisers?  Create a similar graph on a bookmark.  Everytime a kid moves up, they can color it in to get to the top temperature (Z)!

5.¬† I saw an adorable video presented¬†from friends at¬†Achievement First of a student running through paper (a la a high school pep rally) and as he ran through it he announced, “I went from Q to T!”

6.  Whenever a student moves up, they get a packet of lifesavers and they can present it to their reading partner as thanks.  (Mint ones do double time for teenage breath!)

Keep the ideas coming!

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