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Welcome to Literacy Teacher by Maddie Witter

Welcome to Teaching Reading and Writing in Middle School a new blog for literacy teachers!

One purpose of this forum is to share reading and writing lesson plans, free printables and language arts ideas to help your students become the best possible literacy students.  As a teacher, I’ve spent countless hours searching the internet to help solve problems in my classroom from struggling readers and memory retention to pushing the highest level of dialogue and literary analysis. Rather than save all the collected ideas, videos, lessons and student work on my desktop (in a mess of unorganized folders!), I want to share what I’ve collected with my community.

I started out as a Special Education teacher, so there are posts dedicated to my driving inquiry of how to best meet all students needs. If you have any suggestions or resources for students with special needs, no matter their disability, please share by commenting or sending me an e-mail at or  I will make sure to post your suggestion.

I also plan to share the struggles that come up in my classrooms, currently 5th through 8th grade reading, writing and nonfiction studies, and how we have collectively made plans to solve the struggles.  The most important thing I’ve learned as a teacher assistant and teacher in the past 11 years is to openly dialogue about what’s not working in order to create an action plan for tomorrow, or in this place the Monday after Thanksgiving break!

Thanks for reading!


5 comments on “Welcome to Literacy Teacher by Maddie Witter

  1. roslyn
    August 13, 2010

    i want to visit your school! I am holidaying in New York City from 17th September until 2nd October. I am a teacher trained in Special Ed and Teacher of the Deaf. My good friend Jennifer Boyle from Alfred Education attended your seminar at Caulfield Racecourse in Melbourne today. She is INSPIRED!!
    Kind Regards
    Ros Edgecomb

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  3. Joan wood
    February 20, 2013

    Just saw your interview on 7.30 report and was interested in what you were saying about speech disorders and behaviour problems. I am a special ed teacher in a catholic school and we are doing an online course on speech and language disorders and how to deal with them in the classroom. It Is called inclusion online . Would like to know more about what you do in the NY school

    • Maddie
      February 20, 2013

      Hi Joan,

      Thanks for reaching out! I would love to talk about what we are doing. I will e-mail you directly and thanks for the hard work that you do with kids who need it most.

      Cheers- Maddie

    • Maddie
      February 20, 2013

      Hi Joan,

      To find out more about KIPP, visit I recently wrote about called Reading Without Limits that’s available in Australia this week. It shares many of the curricular strategies we are using at Parkville College that can be used in any setting. In my role at Parkville, I’m thinking a lot about how to build hope, grit, and stamina in our young people. Most recently, looking at the research of Synder (1994) and trying to lift it to an educational setting.

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